By Sarah Zettel

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This gripping historical novella follows the ambitions and trials of two men locked together by a strange combination of struggle and common cause, as both seek to end one of history’s most infamous smuggling trades, prevent a war, and succeed in worlds that reward complacency. Travel to 1839, China, as we read An Exchange of Two Flowers.

Meet the Author: Sarah Zettel

A woman who wears many hats, and many names, Sarah Zettel has never met a genre she doesn’t like. A bestselling and award-winning author, she’s won critical acclaim for her mystery, young adult and historical fiction. Sarah also writes elegant, and bestselling, Regency-era mystery and romance under the name of Darcie Wilde. With her newest book, The Other Sister (available August 28), Sarah enters the realm of suspense, bringing with her a unique fairy tale flare.

A self-confessed stone-cold history geek, Sarah has always loved deep dives into the details that brought us to where we are now. So, she was delighted with the chance to explore the connection between tea and the rise of empires for the 2018 Summer Reading Series: An Exchange of Two Flowers.

Sarah currently lives and writes in Ypsilanti, Michigan, where she keeps a husband, a son, and more old books and embroidery floss than any one person really ought to own. Her favorite tea is second-flush Darjeeling. Except when it’s Irish Breakfast. Except when it’s a nice herbal mint.