By Sarah Zettel

Readers may have noticed that some of the characters in An Exchange of Two Flowers have multiple names (their common name, formal name, English name, Chinese name). Here is a handy reference list to help keep everyone straight!

Character Guide

Captain Charles Elliot - Yi Lu
Chief Superintendent of British Trade

Lin Zexu
High Commissioner

Lancelot Dent - Dian Di
British merchant and principal partner of Whiteman, Dent & Brightman

Howqua - Wu Bingjian
Chief cantonese merchant and head of the Cohong

Mowqua - Lu Guangheng
Former head of the Cohong

Deng Tingzhen
Governor-General of Guangdong Province

Guang Xie
Commandant of Police

Pao Jian
Lin Zexu’s friend

Pao Tengzhou
Pao Jian’s son

Chen Saizen
Pao Jian’s daughter-in-law

Charles King
American merchant


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